I'm a foodie from Odisha, India and I do love to eat those which looks yummy to me. Yes, I can cook a bit, but I love both. What I could say about me, I'm a simple and food loving person wants to travel to a few places.

Apart from eating I do some other works like reading books, working for my language, doing some volunteer jobs and for some other stuff which I love to do. Some years before I started writing my own stories for me and for some people who read it and Here I wish to write some of my stories related to food and I must try to mention some recipes too.

I started this food journey from my engineering days but never shared before and when I came across with some foodie's blogs and see their Instagram ID, I thought to start it and then one of my friends who helped me in designing my blogs, websites suggested me to open it and he chose this id as @foodieodia. Then with his work, he left me but I couldn't leave this idea to share food photos, food stories, etc. on Instagram. And then I thought to write those stories on a blog, so if anybody could be interested in reading any story related to any food, then they could read them directly here.

And one more important thing about me is I don't make posts. In this life, I eat foods for me and sometimes I click a picture and upload it on Instagram with a short and simple caption. If I got any click for which I have some stories, then I write it there on Instagram and I must try to write a little bit more here with that snap.

And yes I don't have much idea to decorate food as well as food plates. I have the aim to food and before July 2018, I forgot to click a picture before eating. In June 2018, I had attended one training program and for that, I had to write blogs about that event. Then I started practicing to click a picture and now it became a habit. 

This is all about me and my kind of story and hopes I could bind you with my stories here. And a big thanks to you for reading this about me and for your kind time to check out my blog. 

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