Seula Machha Bhaja - ଶେଉଳ ମାଛ ଭଜା

Sheula Maccha (Odia: ଶେଉଳ ମାଛ) is one of my favorites among all fishes available in our locality. Tough we are near to the Bay of Bengal and we could easily grab the sea fishes which you could sea-food.

In my childhood, I never liked to eat fish due to its thorns. But I love this just because of a single thorn or bone. In those days, my father had taken a pond for lease, where we use to grow only such fishes.

Today, on this occasion of Pakhala Dibasa, my mother sent my father to the fish market and he called me over the phone that, he got a Sheula Maccha there. So I asked him to grab it quickly before somebody may take that. Here today the price was 240/- per kg and this was 1.6 kg in weight.

Finally, it's ready to have with Pakhala. Our Pakhala Dibasa started with such a delicious meal of Sheula Machha.