The Best Veg Combo with Pakhala

What is the best combo in veg with your Pakhala Kansha? Hey, wait. Do you like Pakhala? If you don't, then please skip this one. This is for the Pakhala Bhata lovers only.


Being an Odia, I love Pakhala and I think all Odia people love Pakhala. There are a few people who love Pakhala but never accepted before.

And after the Pakhala Dibasa Trend, people are sharing it proudly, that's why I love this day-wise celebration system. At least some people would come forward to accept that.

Here I'm sharing my favorite combo with Pakhala in the summertime, I mean when I could find the mangoes.

Here I'm sharing my Pakhala Kansha with my quick item which could be prepared so easily and with very little time.

Roasted Eggplant:

It's an easy method to prepare roasted eggplant; just take the eggplant or brinjal and put it on the flames and wait for some and then turn the other sides, then it's ready.

Now add some salt and onion chops with a very little mustard oil and mix it properly. Now, it's ready to eat with your Pakhala Bhata.


Roasted Tomato mixed with Badi:

This process is almost the same as the roasted eggplant preparation but in the roasting process, you should be more careful about this.

After the roasting process, the same things as of eggplant but this time, add some fried badi chops to it. And then mix it well. Now, it's ready to serve.


Mixture & Ripe Mango:

And almost all love to have Mixture (ଚେନାଚୁର) with Pakhala. So, I've Bikali Kara Khata Mitha mixture on my plate with a ripe mango from our mango tree.


And here is my fully delicious Pakhala Kansha with all the above items I've mentioned before.


* All these photographs are shared with CC-BY-SA-3.0 for fair use only.

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