Aloo-Besara with Pakhala Bhata


Pakhala (Odia: ପଖାଳ) is an Odia term in Indian Food items. This term has some different names also according to the region. It consists of cooked rice washed or little fermented in water. The liquid part is known as toraṇi (Odia: ତୋରାଣୀ). This food is quite popular in Odisha, Assam, Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh, Tamilnadu.

Previously, I've shared lots of #Pakhala photos on my blogs, photography page, photography blogs, so today, I thought to share this side item which you could have with Pakhala. Though you could have lots of items with Pakhala, but this one is my favorite one.

Presenting Aloo-Besara which I love the most with Pakhala Bhata and I could have this in Lunch, Dinner also in Breakfast. The making process is very easy. Prepare the Besara and add some oil to a pan and then put that Besara into that. After a few minutes of staring the mix of Besara, Haldi, and salt, add chopped potatoes to it. Then mix it properly and then, add some water to it and then cover it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and it's ready to serve hot.

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