Chhena Mudki - ଛେନା ମୁଡ଼ୁକି

Chhena Mudki

How about having some
ChhenaMudki from Bhadrak. "Chhena Mudki", one Indian sweet dish mainly prepared from Bhadrak District in Odisha. It's making procedure which I know from different magazines or journals in a tasty one and I love this sweet the most. We couldn't compare it with other sweets, but the taste is that, which we couldn't forget for some days. 

Where to find the best quality???

Actually, we could find these from a different sweet shop, but the taste matters from place to place. Actually, the makers who are preparing these are different people, so the taste varies. And the good news is, now you can get these sweets sugar-free. Some 3 to 4 shops in Bhadrak are preparing the sugarfree Chhena Mudki, but I never got them.

Chhena Mudki - Famous Odia Sweet from Bhadrak

Finally, it's a sweet which you should taste once in your life and after them, you would start loving this, if you are a sweet lover. Otherwise, it depends on your mood.

Thanks for reading... Just put your thoughts in the comment section below. I must try to reply to all your questions and thoughts about this sweet.

Chhena Mudki

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