Bhadrak Famous Kalia Gupchup and Ghuguni

Gupchup with Ghuguni, the signature food of Bhadrak Kalia Nana. Bonth Chhaka of Bhadrak is famous for Kalia Gupchup or Panipuri, lots of people always ask me him and about his Gupchup. Though I'm the hometown guy, but never tested his Gupchup and last Sunday two of my friends had come here and we all went there to taste his Gupchup.

Unfortunately, he wasn't there, but that day I came to know about a new Gupchup. They are serving Gupchup with Ghuguni (Matar-Aloo ki Sabji) and coincidently, I and another friend had never tasted this, so we three had tried this one. Gupchup without that water is also good, you could eat it like your breakfast also. Yes, it's quite different and I love the taste and love the way of serving.

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