Odia Style Rohi Maccha Besara (ରୋହି ମାଛ ବେସର)

Odia Style Rohi Maccha Besara (ରୋହି ମାଛ ବେସର)

Rohi Maccha Jhola or you could say it Rohu Macher Jhol in Bangla or could say it, Rohu Fish Cooked in a thick rich Gravy in English. Different name in different languages, but one dish and the recipe is also same. Yes, some ingredients may differ from people to people and from region to region.

As I had mentioned on the title of this blog, I'm not a chef or cook, I used to cook for me and sometimes for my family and friends, whom you could say an occasional cook. That's why I won't share the recipe of this curry, like Rohu or Rohi fish as per your requirement (I had taken just 500 gms for me and my mother), Potato (you could add if you like it. I never imagine a delicious dish without potato, so I had taken two and cut those into medium-sized wedges), some onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, cumin powder, coriander powder, mustard seeds, etc.

And obviously, I won't say you how to cut the fish, because nowadays, the fisherman provides that service and that too in free of costs. So, just bring it and fry with some mustard oil. You could use other oils also, but I love mustard oil. Yes, you too could olive oil, but I'm not that rich, so mustard oil is the highest-paid thing for me.

After frying, now you could eat it like that, or else you could prepare the curry. I love both, fried and curry. So, I had prepared the curry. Since it's a working day and my mother was hurrying for school, so I didn't take much time to click pictures one by one. I just clicked this one after finishing everything and of course when my mother left for school.

So, it's all about today's morning cooking story of mine. With this rohu fish curry, I had prepared some aloo-bean fry. Since we had added some mustard paste, we could say it Rohu or Rohi Machha Besara, because we use to call mustard paste as Basara.

You could serve it hot or cold, in different temperatures, this dish has some different taste of course. Yes, some people don't like to have it when it's cold, but I like the cold serve as compared to hot.

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