Homemade Chicken Curry

Homemade Chicken Curry prepared by Sangram Keshari Senapati

When I was a child I used to accompany my father for fishing on almost every Sunday. Since 2006, as per the suggestion of someone, my mother stopped eating nonveg on Sunday. From that day, we hardly eat non-veg on Sundas at home.

But today, my mother asked me to bring some chicken for me and my father. So, I went to the nearest chicken shop and brought half a kilo. Initially, it was decided that my father would cook for today's lunch since my mother doesn't eat chicken, we cook every time.

But due to some work, my father left for his school and after finishing my work, I started cooking. This curry is my usual style. I use to cook in this style when I was in Bhawanipatna. Yes, I had added a half-piece lemon to the curry for some better taste, which I've learned from one of my B.Tech friend Sourav Debnath.

Desi Style Chicken Curry prepared by Sangram Keshari Senapati

Due to heavy rainfall, my father can't return by lunchtime, so he had his lunch there in our village. The taste was really good and when my father taste this at night, he just complained about oil. Apart from that everything was good.

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