Chuda Upama or Poha Upama

As per someone, "Serving food in a good and decorative manner defines the taste." In some cases, I also believe that thing, and still learning to serve like them, but for me, it's not easy.

For this reason, some people hate me, some of them put bad comments on the comment box, but after all, I'm serving these to me at my home, not in a hotel. So, I ignored them. Leave that and focus on this Poha. It's Saturday and as usual, my mother left for school by 6 AM.

So, I have prepared this Poha, which we call it "Chuda Santula" in Odia and to give a good look with the photo, I have added these peanut seeds, tough it tastes good too.

The making process is not so hard. I just learned it within 3 minutes over the phone. Yes, before that I had prepared sometimes, but this type was a different one.

Step-1: Take some Poha or Chuda and wash it with normal water for the cleaning process. And then add Sugar and Salt as per the requirement. After that, stair it with a soon and keep that for at least 15 minutes. And yes, don't forget to stair properly in every 4 to 5 minutes.

Step-2: Now cut some onion and make them small chops. If you wish to add some vegetables, then add some carrot and cauliflower. Now add some oil to the pan and then add some mustard seeds or else you could add the Panchu Phutana too. Then add the Onion Chops and fry with the carrot and cauliflower pieces. And don't forget to add some turmeric powder. The turmeric powder is good for health and it gives a good look to the food also.

Step-3: After that, add the Poha to it and with a slow flame, stair it up to 2 to 3 minutes. Now it's ready to serve.

Step-4: Waiting for someone? No? Then serve hot and before serving add some fried peanut seeds over it; it gives a good taste and also a good look to the plate.

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