Roasted Corn in just 20 rupees

Roasted Corn at just 20 rupees in Bangalore? Is it real? Yes, of course, it is. Here is my story.

Today when I was returning from a meeting I was supposed to catch a bus to our place, but I saw this thing just 50 to 60 meters from the bus stop.

Roasted Corn in just 20 rupees

I love this thing and especially the roasted one. So, I rushed to him and there was nobody around to buy it, so he took some time to prepare this. 

By the time that person was busy in doing his work, I was busy in capturing that process. It's just 20/- and we used to buy this during my engineering days in just 10 rupees and I had mentioned that thing on one of my story series in Odia. 

And here is the final product. He just added some lime juice and some salt with some green chilly paste which made me cry on that road. 

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