Gaintha Pitha (ଗଇଁଠା ପିଠା)

Gaintha Pitha - ଗଇଁଠା ପିଠା

I don't know why they named this as Gaintha Pitha (ଗଇଁଠା ପିଠା), even till now I couldn't analyze that thing. Here I'm not talking about the origin or the name, I'm saying about why we prepare this pitha.

Today is Baula or Bakula Amavashya (ବଉଳ ଅମାବାସ୍ୟା) which is related to the Amba Baula, the blooming of mango trees. On this day, we used to prepare this pitha and offer to our God by adding one piece of that mango flower or Amba Baula.

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