Immunity Booster from Santulya

Immunity Booster from Santulya

When I was a child, I use to read one proverb at least once in a year, "Health is Wealth." And by the growth of time, I've realized that health is everything in life. If you feel low from your body, then all your works would hamper.

During this Corona Pandemic, we at my home started drinking herbal Kadha at least twice every day. We use to mix different types of things like Turmeric, Ginger, Elaichi, etc for the Kadha. And a few days back, I came to know about this Ayurvedic herb producer, Santulya India. So, I contacted them and read about their story from their website.

A few days back, I've received a box and use drinking it every evening. This immunity booster drink has a mix of 5 ancient organic ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Turmeric, Moringa leaves, Hibiscus, and Ginger. All these are good for health.

You could visit their store or could order from Amazon India directly.

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