How to prepare Habisa Dalma without Turmeric?

Do you know how to prepare Habisa Dalma without Turmeric? Here is the blog with our YouTube Video showing the full processing from collecting vegetables to serving Habisa Dalma.

Ingredients for habisa dalma (ହବିଷ ଡାଲମା)

Habisa Dalma (Odia: ହବିଷ ଡାଲମା) is a special Dalma prepared in  Kartika Masa (the 7th month in Odia calendar) which is in between October and November according to the Gregorian calendar.

Habisa Dalma is so special because it's prepared without onion, garlic, and turmeric also. For this dalma, we couldn't use those vegetables with more number of seeds. We just have to boil the vegetables with mung dal and the amount of salt as per requirement.

I'm not going to write all steps one by one, but here is the video on our YouTube Channel which you could follow to prepare this Habisa Dalma.

And here is the Habisa Dalma on my boul for the taste. The desi ghee which I've added at the end gave it the authentic taste.

How to prepare Habisa Dalma without Turmeric?

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  1. ବୋହୁତ ବଢିଆ । ଥରେ ଏଇପରି ରୋଷେଇ କରିବାକୁ ହେବ ମୋତେ । 😍🙏

  2. Good information didi... Please add some more photos of Habisa Dalama also.

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