Mudhi Mansa - The Delicious Food of Odisha

Mudhi Mansa (Odia: ମୁଢ଼ି ମାଂସ), an authentic Odia food that is loved by almost everyone, not only in the northern part but also by all Odia people.

Mudhi Mansa - The Delicious Food of Odisha

The delicious Mudhi Mansa is the combination of Mudhi (puffed rice) and Mansa (Chicken or Mutton Curry).

Though Baripada, Mayurbhanj is famous for Mudhi Mansa, but this item is loved by every people in Odisha and also outside Odisha.

There is a history of this item that you could easily get from any blog. The making process of this dish is not so difficult.

Odiasha Famous Baripada, Mayurbhanj Mudhi Mansa

You just have to buy puffed rice and if possible, you could prepare it or buy homemade Mudhi. And prepare Chicken or Mutton Curry, but mind on the gravy. Make the grave thicker, it gives a good taste.

Add some onion chops, some green chilies, and fresh coriander leaves to feel the taste properly.