Mudhi Ghuguni: The best Odia Cuisine

Mudhi Ghuguni Odia Cusine by Sangram Keshari Senapati

Mudhi is a typical Odia food mostly famous in the north side of Odisha. Mudhi Ghguni (Odia: ମୁଢ଼ି ଘୁଗୁନି) is one of the best combination of Odia Cuisine for me and here it is mixed with Chenachur.

Special Mudhi Ghuguni the best Odia Cusine at Home

Mudhi Mansa (ମୁଢ଼ି ମାଂସ), the traditional dish of Baripada, Mayurbhanj is a blend of puffed rice and chicken or mutton curry.

But here we have the Mudhi with Ghuguni mixed by some homemade chenachur. I had this in today's dinner.

Mudhi Ghuguni combination by Sangram Keshari Senapati

Mudhi Ghuguni Recipe:

  1. Take Mudhi (puffed rice in a bowl).
  2. Add some ghuguni to it.
  3. Add some mixture (chunachur).
  4. Add some chopped onion if you like it.
  5. Add some tomato sauce if you like it.
  6. Mix it properly and enjoy.

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