FoodieDate with Chicken Salad

FoodieDate with Chicken Salad at Bhadrak Shawarma Stall

FoodieDate is a concept to go on a date alone with someone to try some foods from restaurants or from street food stalls. This time, I had tried Chicken Salad instead of Shawarma Roll.

At the beginning of 2021, I had planned for this thing. Though the hashtag, #FoodieDate was used for years, but I love this one because it goes with our handle name, FoodieOdia. Previously, I had shared a video featuring Shawarma Roll on YouTube.

In 2020, after unlocking some food stalls along with some Food Trucks as Food on Wheel had opened in Bhadrak. Till now three Chicken Shawarma Stalls have opened here and after trying at three places, I prefer the nearest one to my house. After the vaccination, I used to go there mostly.

This time, I've tried Chicken Salad there. Because the day I was there, there was no roti, so he approached for the Chicken Salad. Before that, I had no idea about Chicken Salad before.

The taste was good, but not the best. He was in hurry, maybe for that reason, some portion was brunt. Still, it was nice with that smoky smell.

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