Rewind 2021

Rewind 2021 by FoodieOdia

It's time to welcome the new year 2021 and here is the rewind of FoodieOdia from 4 April 2021 to today, I mean up to 31 December 2021.

All these 279 photos are available on my Instagram account and you can check my previous blogs of this year for interesting stories behind some plate.

Welcome this new year with a new hope and I'm going to say goodbye to this 2021 with a heavy heart. This year had shown me the reality and taught me more about life and relationships.

Hopefully, the new year would continue that. Happy new year to all my friends who are here with me since 2018. May God bless you all.

It won't be nice to put all those 279 photos, so I had made this video for you people and shared it on our YouTube channel. You can check this on YouTube, or else could play the below video.

Some Old blogs:

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