Road Side: Bara, Singada and Aloo Kasa

Road trips are always fun for me. And when I had to attend one exam in Balasore, I had decided to go on a bike. But my father had joined me to go there. So, we started early (it was early for me not for others, because who says 7.45 am as early?) in the morning and after two exams we returned at 4.05 pm. 

For our lunch, we had some rice, dal, mixed veg curry, and some tomato chutney there is a small shop. So, we were starving at that time and we hurried to reach home. So we were looking for the shops on the roadside.

At Soro, we found one food stall next to the NH 16 overbridge. There was a small food stall near a fast food shop. They had made some cheap items with good taste. We had some Bara and Samosa with Aloo Kasa (fried Aloo Curry).

Road Side: Bara, Singada & Aloo

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