Khata Bhendi Curry or Taka Bhendi Curry

Taka Bhendi curry (Odia: ଟକ ଭେଣ୍ଡି ବା ଖଟା ଭେଣ୍ଡି) is one Odia food dish that we eat with our rice meal. Like tomato chutney, it's a simple chutney that we prepare easily.

In some places of Odisha, this is also called Khata Palanga (Odia: ଖଟା ପାଳଙ୍ଗ).  The name changes from place to place and the making process also changes a little bit. People could prepare different types of curries from it.

Some Memories with Taka Bhendi:

When I was a kid, we were living in our village where we used to plant almost all the vegetables in our places and this plant was the compulsory plant which used to grow it itself and we used to eat almost every day from the rainy season to the end of half winter. 

Khata Bhendi Curry or Taka Bhendi Curry

Isn't it look delicious??

Now the main question is how we could prepare this delicious yummy food at home?

  • Ah! it's very simple and easy. One small boy could prepare this at home.
  1. Collect it from the garden.
  2. Just wash it. 
  3. Boil it and prepare some masala or besara of mustard.
  4. Then fry the boiled bhendi with masala or besara.
  5. It's ready to serve.
N.B:  - We could eat it hot or cold.

          - We could add Badi to eat for a better taste.

Raw Taka Bhendi or Khata Bhendi

Khata Bhendi is also written as Khatta Bhendi.

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