One full Yummy Plate on this Diwali

Diwali is happiness, enlighting diyas, spread happiness with others. We do celebrate every Diwali with joy and happiness with our family and friends. From some years, I wasn't with my family during Diwali. But this time, it's we are together. 

So my mother and sisters had prepared all these items placed on my plate. 
👉 Puri (Prepared by my mother, uncle, and aunty)
👉 Matar-Aloo Curry (Prepared by my mother)
👉 Kheer (Prepared by my sister)
👉 Paneer Masala (Prepared by my sister)
👉 Rasagola (Just bought)
👉 Chandrakanti (Prepared by me)
👉 Some other unknown sweet (prepared by my sister)

Here is the full plate placed in front of me and with lots of Diya, Rangoli, Lights, Candles, we share food together. 

One full Yummy Plate on this Diwali

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