A Quick Visit to Puri and Lunch at a Marwadi Hotel

Jagannath Temple, Puri has its own and unique style to give me surprises and to feed something new memory inside my brain. From the past few years, when I had come to this place, I had experienced something really new here.

Whenever I had come to Puri, I came with someone, but this time I went all alone. But, our own god Lord Jagannath is there always for us. So, he just solved everything in a smooth way and again fed some new memory and new experience here.

After doing all the Rituals inside the temple, when I came out, I was starving and went to a Marwadi hotel and then served me this veg plate.
  • The TASTE was AWESOME.
  • Food QUALITY was GOOD.
  • QUANTITY was also HEAVY. (You could eat as much as you can.)
  • The SERVING style was also good, it may HAMPER if more people would enter at a time.
  • And finally, the PRICE was also CHEAP. 

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