B'day Party Invitation

Again today we had another invitation of a birthday party. So after our get together, I rushed to my place and had this dinner there. There was a shortage of light, so managed to click this snap.

Everytime when someone invites me, I always tried to be there not to eat obviously, just to be there with them in that time. Most ofter people call us when there was a happy time, but I always tried to be there in every moment. 

B'day Party Invitation

Here on my Plate:
👉 Some yellow fried rice
👉 Puri or Luchi
👉 Gobi Chilly
👉 Dal fry
👉 Aloo Dum
👉 Papad
👉 Chana Masla
👉 Tomato Khata
👉 Kheer

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