My Simple Lunch for 28 December 2018

Good and healthy foods are always good for health, but we love to eat junk foods which are helpful for our mouth. That's OK, we could bear that thing, when there is good and tasty food in front of us.

Today, I have to attend one small get together and my mother is not at home, so I and my sister have to cook for our lunch. So, quickly we just prepared these two items, Gobi-Aloo curry and Dahi-Baigana with some rice.

My Simple Lunch for 28 December 2018

If you are from northen or costal side of Odisha, then you must know we people eat Usuna Rice and you should know about the time of cooking. So, we had preapred everything in time and after Lunch I had to catch the bus to Bhubaneswar. So couldn't take a better pic than this and wrote this in the bus.

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