IndiGo had Served this Packet due to delay

Our bording time was on 10.05 am, but after security check in, we found that the take up time delayed by 1 and half hour, but they hadn't sent any messages to us. On 9.39 am, I got the delay message from the autority. So, I just took one screenshot of that message and one click of that monitor and sent one tweet to them.

Within some time, they responded and again the take up time had changed to 12.30 pm, on the LED display board, but they sent another message with take up time 12.15 pm, so we just replied with that two snaps.

Finally, the bording had started around 12.25 pm and they checked my only id again. But, it's OK to check again. They said sorry to every passenger and gave this water bottle and food packet having One Vada, One Idli and some chutney.

  • The taste was good BTW.

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