Dhanu Muan on Dhanu Sankranti

In Odisha, we do celebrate lots of festivals in a year. Almost every day, we had some festival. I love every festival and all of them have some unique significance. Today we do celebrate Dhanu Sankranti and on this day we offer Dhanu Muan (Odia: ଧନୁ ମୁଆଁ) to god. Dhanu Sankranti is also famous for the Dhanu Jatra.

This time, we had planned to prepare this at home, but we couldn't do due to some work. I came here for the advanced training program, so my sister had clicked this photo and sent to me. Yes, we couldn't prepare this, so my father had bought this from some Gudia. Gudia is a type of family who prepares such things. 

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