I had prepared this Paneer Masala for my mother

When I was a child, I used to see how my mother cooks. In those days, she wasn't not in her job, so always she was there and doing all the works of our home. I had noticed all the cooking style but never tried to cook. Yes, I knew to prepare tea and did sometimes.

In 2006, when I was in ME school, my parents with my sister went to our original village where my father was born. I was eating from our neighbors. Their daughter was cooking food for her family and of course for me, but one day I had one big fight with that girl and decided to cook for myself. And cooked some rice and boiled some potato. That was my first cooking, but then I learned how to prepare curry.

I had prepared this Paneer Masala for my mother

Now, my mother is working as a teacher and today is Saturday, so she went early and I had to cook lunch for us. I had decided to prepare Panner Masala, so went to market with my cycle and brought one small packet and prepared this.

All the family members love the taste, everything, except my mother. But, who cares to her words. I know I could cook better. 

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