Meeting New friends with these delicious sweet, Chhena Jhilli from Nimapada

Friends are those who helped me in different aspects of my life. If I need something, there is someone to help me. Yes, some friends had changed, I hadn't changed for friends. Yes, I had changed for some of them. 

That's a different thing; Today I went to meet some new friends at Pal Heights. Yes, I knew some of them before and met a few previously. But, we all met through our social activities and became friends. We interact with each other in some groups or by personal chitchats. But meeting them, in reality, was not that easy.  Everybody should be there on time, they had to be in Odisha, etc. 

Meeting New friends and with these delicious sweet, Chhena Jhilli from Nimapada

They had ordered this coffee; I never say no to any food items, so tea and coffee are OK for me. We are belonging from different places, different professions also. So, we had lots of conversations there with this coffee glass. 

One of them had brought this Chhena Jhilli Packet, actually two from Nimapada. I love sweets, so I had told him to bring more for me and from these 20 I had just 14 only. 14 is just a normal thing for me and I have one more invitation from my neighbors, so I kept it just 14.

Chhena Jhilli from Nimapada

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