Baked Rasagola - ପୋଡ଼ା ରସଗୋଲା

While returning, we stpooed at Chhapn Bhog (ଛପନ ଭୋଗ) in Bhubaneswar to take some sweets. He took some sweets for home and saw this Baked Rasagola about which we came to know some days before by one of our common friends. 

Price: 30/-
It's quite similar to Chhenapoda, but good in taste. 

Rasagola or Rasgulla is an Indian syrupy dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent and regions with South Asian diaspora. It is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena (an Indian cottage cheese) and semolina dough, cooked in light syrup made of sugar. This is done until the syrup permeates the dumplings.

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