Day 2 Lunch at Adv Training, Mumbai

After a heavy breakfast, I too had more spaces for lunch. We got exactly one hour for our Lunch like yesterday. 1 hour is enough for the lunch, we could eat by discussing lots of things there. During this kind of meeting, all the major discussions happen during breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

I just grab all these things for lunch and yes these are light for me. I love to keep everything on a signle plate before eating, and I could take a good photo too.

After finishing that plate one of our organisers asked me to join him to grab some cakes and sweets. As I had maintioned earlier how much I love sweets, so I just jumped there.

These cakes are veg, so we took planned 4 from each for four of us, but  there are some more cakes, so we just took 2 more from those. 

And of course, we also grabbed some sweets and some Chocolate Halwa. I had tasted all the sweets and cakes, among all these I love this white colored sweet, so I had just 3 from these four.

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